Sunday, 29 June 2014

£1 Nail Varnishes!

There's not much that you can get for £1 nowadays...
However one thing that you can get is a nail varnish by a brand called MUA!
From left to right: Pitch black, Frozen yogurt,
Sweet peach, Bold blue & Pistachio ice cream

Here is my collection from the brands range of nail varnishes, which is sold at Superdrug stores however the whole of the collection is on the MUA website Here
Personally I think all of the colours that the brand do are lovely however the nail varnishes are quite runny and chip easily meaning that a few layers are needed and a top coat to make sure it lasts. 
Swatches: same order as above

Even though as I said, the nail varnishes are thin, I would still recommend that people buy them as I am hoping to expand my collection! 

Other places you can find me are...


  1. Bold Blue and Pistachio icecream are so pretty! I have one called Leapfrog, and the colour is just as fabulous as the name :)

  2. I am definitely going out to buy Pistachio Icecream ASAP! Love your blog and reviews! :)

    Come say hi!