Wednesday, 26 August 2015

2True Nail Varnish | Review

2True recently launched their new website featuring their affordable, high quality products. 
Last month I reviewed two of their mascaras which I really liked, you can find the post here and today I have three nail varnishes which I have swatches of and will complete a full review! 

2True Nail Varnish

The first two nail varnishes that I have are from their Fast Dry Polish Range. Altogether they have 19 shades in the range and are priced at just £1.99 each!  

2True Nail Varnish

In the picture above is the 'Fast Dry Nail Polish, Shade 23*' £1.99, which is a light blue shade, perfect for spring/summer time. This nail polish actually gives a nice coverage and finish even after just one coat but two is reccommended for a full gloss finish. 

2True nail varnish

In the picture above is the 'Fast Dry Nail Polish, Shade 32*' £1.99, which is a light beige pink colour and once again leaves nails with a high shine and full coverage. 

2True nail varnish
The last nail Varnish I have is from their Salon Shine range, containing only 2 shades. The range is designed to provide a high shine, extra glossy finish with intense colour coverage.

2True nail varnish

In the picture above is the 'Salon Shine, Shade Taylor*' £3.99 which is a dark fushia pink shade. This Nail varnish gives a fuller coverage in just one coat and gives a salon finish.

The whole range of Nail Varnishes can be found at with prices starting at just £1.99! 

What are your favourite nail varnish colours to wear? 

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Friday, 21 August 2015

Eyelure Pro-Lash Dye Kit | Review

Without mascara my lashes can look sparse and short, to help with this I was planning on going to a salon And getting my lashes tinted, meaning they would permantly look darker and fuller without the need for mascara. 

Before getting to a salon I happened to notice a Eyelure Pro-Lash Dye kit £9.49 in my local boots meaning I could dye my own lashes from the comfort of my own home. 

 The kit contains a no mixing formula making the application simple.
To dye the lashes you simply have to use the mascara wand to apply the colour to lashes, leave for the required amount of time, remove, then apply the developer in the same manner. 

If you are looking for a more affordable alternative when it comes to having your lashed tinted, this kit is for you. It is quick, affordable and simple to use! 
Can be purchased instore and online at

The whole range of Eyelure products can be found at

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Have you ever tried this kit by Eyelure or would you consider trying it? 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

What I got for my birthday | 2015

On the 1st of August I Celebrated my 17th Birthday and wanted to share with all some of the lovely presents I received! In case you where interested, I did one of these posts last year which you can view here if you wanted to read it.

Firstly I received two Yankee Candle samplers £1.80 each in the scents Shea Butter and Pink dragon fruit. Yankee candles are my favourite brand of candles so I was pleased to receive two more! 

Keeping on the subject of candles, I also received a Candle which is from primark in the scent Sweet Vanilla & Coconut! I've had one of these candles in the past and love the scent!

I also received two products from soap & glory, a Mist You Madly body spray £4 which is actually my favourite soap and glory scent and a Clean On Me Mini £2.50 which is also another favourite! 


Another thing I received was this set of three Nail Varnishes By Studio London, the colours are lovely and perfect for Autumn/Winter which isn't far away.

The next thing  I received is from Lush, I have tried many of the bath products from Lush but not really anything else so I am really excited to try this out! It is the Buffy Body Butter £11.45 / 200g which from what I can gather is a body butter that is used on wet skin but it also contains exfoliation ingredients to remove dead skin cells! 

I also recived this necklace from New Look, which is a lovely pale blue, statement necklace. This is something I would wear with a plain top so the necklace stands out! 

Finally I was kindly sent this Angel Face BB Cream* £10.95, it is a BB cream with a combination of makeup and skincare giving a sheer, illuminated coverage. 

If you would like to see a full review/ blogpost on any of these products, please let me know in the comments 

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*Pr Sample