Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lush Cosmetics | My Mini Collection

Hello everyone, 
Here I am again with a post about my lush collection. As most of you know, lush is a company who sell natural, handmade products and are against animal testing. 
Over a little while I have added new things into my lush collection as it wasn't actually until around just over a year ago that I actually started to use and love lush products but I'm so glad that I found them! 
Now here's a peak into my collection...

Firstly I have some hair products, one of which is the Karma Komba (£5.75/55g) shampoo bar. This product is literally shampoo but in the form of a bar! When I first bought this product, I was a bit sceptical as to whether this product would actually clean my hair and leave it feeling clean, but i think it's safe to say this product is fantastic. Not only does it clean my hair but my hair is scented by the luxurious blend of oils that smell of karma. 

Also in the hair range I have the solid conditioner Jungle (£3.50/55g). On the lush website it says that this product is self preserving and packed with tropical fruit, oils and cocoa butter which sounds very nourishing. When I first bought this product I wasn't initially keen on the smell but was exited by the idea of it being a solid conditioner however after using the product a few times I have found that it doesn't feel like it conditions my hair at all. Using this conditioner feels like nothing is being put onto the hair however I like to feel the product on my hair so this is a bit of a disappointment for me but somebody else might find the product is right for them.

Next I have the lush Dirty toothy tabs (£2/40). I didn't actually buy these myself, a friend bought them to try but didn't like them and offered them to me. Lush say they are a solid alternative to toothpaste that contain spearmint to leave teeth squeaky clean. They are used by nibbling one between your front teeth before using your toothbrush as usual to brush your teeth. The taste of these are slightly weird, not like the taste of your normal toothpaste! Even though they are different, I would defiantly use these again maybe if I go on holiday or something but I don't feel I could change to these over my normal toothpaste.

The next lot of products i have in my collection are bath products. The first one is Space girl (£2.35/per item) which is a bath ballistic. It has a sweet and fruity scent and contains popping candy! This is the only bath bomb I've actually tried from lush because I actually prefer to have bubbles in my bath but I wanted to buy it because I loved the 'Parma violet' like smell. To use it all you have to do is fill the bath up to the level you want, then simply drop it into the water and watch it fizz away, leaving your bath water a lovely purple colour.

The next two are from the Christmas range, melting snowman and candy mountain. 
Melting snowman (£2.25/per item) is a bath melt which I have never used before. The first time i smelt this product I didn't know if I liked the smell but I have decided I love it! It has all the scents in it that remind me on Christmas and contains enriching almond oil and cocoa butter which are nourishing for the skin.


Also Candy mountain (£2.75/per item) which is a bubble bar. This is different to the others because it creates bubbles once crumbled under running water whereas the others don't. It has the same scent as the creamy candy bubble bar which is what I love about the product because I love sweet, girly scents! The candy mountain bubble bar is a limited edition bubble bar and I think it could be used for around 4 baths. I would recommend this to anyone!

The last thing I have in my collection is from the face range and is the Mask of magaminty (£5.50/125g). This mask although in the face mask range, can be used anywhere as it is a multi purpose mask and contains peppermint to stimulate. I bought this product after asking for a sample of it whilst instore at lush and after liking it bought the full size product. I find this mask really refreshing and leaves my skin feeling really clean, I will continue to purchase this product.

I have tried more of lush products like the Dorothy bubble bar and the comforter but I haven't got them anymore to be able to add pictures of them on here but I would recommend them to everyone!

This is my lush collection, which isn't huge at the moment but hopefully I can add more things to it in the near future! 

What products are in your lush collection? 

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  1. Great post! I love the look of the Christmas ones, I must try them!

    1. They're great, shame they're only around at Christmas time! :)

  2. Lush is such a great brand, not sure I like the look of the tooth stuff though! xx

    1. The toothy tabs are certainly different to usual toothpaste! ;)

  3. Eek I love lush! I have candy mountain!! Abi :)

  4. I love lush too! Candy mountain smells amazing! XX

    1. The sweet scent is my favourite scent at lush! :)