Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Brush on False Lashes | Review

Today's post is a review on 'LashFibres' brush on false lashes. 
The false lash look is a preferred look for many women but having the time to put them on is time consuming and difficult.
So that's when 'LashFibres' is needed! 'LashFibres' are brush on fibres that instantly give incredible length and amazing volume that can be used with your favourite mascara.

  • To start off the application of 'LashFibres' a coat of your usual mascara needs to be applied to your eyelashes...

  • Then while your mascara is still wet, the lash fibres should be applied whilst looking down into a mirror to prevent the fibres falling into your eyes.

  • Before applying the final coat of your usual mascara, you will need to wait 30 seconds for the fibres to bond to your lashes.

I have noticed that after using 'LashFibres' on my eyelashes, they appear to be thicker and longer giving a false lash appearance.

I didn't here but I usually use eyelash curlers before applying any mascara to my eyes so I have also taken a picture of using 'LashFibres' after curling my lashes.

'LashFibres' can be purchased from Superdrug (£9.95)

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Monday, 1 December 2014

I love... Product | Reviews

Today's post is a product review and I have three products from the brand 'I love...'.

The three products that I have, are the Mango & Papaya refreshing body spritzer (£2.99), Blueberry & smoothie bubble bath & shower creme (£2.99) and the Raspberry & Blackberry super soft hand lotion (£2.99)

Firstly, I find the design on the packaging of these products pretty and girly which is something I really like about the brand.
When using the 'Blueberry & Smoothie' bath and shower creme as a bath product, I found that initially it didn't bubble up very well but after a bit of swishing around the water lots of lovely bubbles were created. The scent of the product is gorgeous just like, blueberries! I wouldn't recommend this to someone who doesn't like sweet scents but for me it was perfect. 
The product left my skin feeling very soft and beautifully scented for a long time after!

When using the 'Mango & Papaya' refreshing body spritzer, I instantly found the scent of this too sweet even though I love sweet scents. Even though the scent isn't my favourite I found that it did last a long time. Personally I think this product might be enjoyed more by a young teenage girl, just starting out with cosmetics and fragrances but can equally be enjoyed by anyone if they love the sweetness of the scent!

The last product is the 'Raspberry & Blackberry' hand lotion. This product also has the sweet scent but one that I really enjoy. The lotion is fairly thick and moisturising and overall, is perfect for keeping in a handbag for when out and about. 

Overall I really liked these products and think they would be a nice gift/stocking filler, as they also come in pre packed, smaller gift size bottles.
The products can be bought from Superdrug.

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

FakeBake | Review

Today's post is another product review, I will be reviewing two products by the brand FakeBake, 'Amplify' (£18) and '5 Minute Mousse'(£19.99).

The first product that I'm going to review, is 'Amplify', Amplify is a multi purpose, skin enhancing daily gradual tan.
The information on the packaging states, that it has 'a unique formula that works in three ways to INTENSIFY the colour and life of your tan using added tanning actives creating a golden glow'. 

Personally I find it misleading that it says 'daily gradual tan' because when I think of a daily gradual tan I think of something that day by day builds up the tan, without the need to already have a tan but with the information provided I would class this product as something that prolongs a tan. 

The information also states 'it also contains a natural plant based agent to optimise and BOOST your skins natural tanning process by encouraging melanin production' this suggests to me that this product should be used before and after a tan, not to create a tan. 

During the testing of this product, I have found it really moisturising, which is great when preparing for a tan.
Whilst using the product though, I didn't see much difference to the  colour my skin.
For me the product has a 'yoghurt' like scent to it which I really liked compared to the usual fake tan smell which usually puts me off the products. 

Overall this product is a great thing to use for a week before going out in the sun and after to maintain the tan and moisturise the skin but is more money than what I would usually spend on a fake tan product. 

The next product I am going to review is FakeBake's '5 Minute Mousse', the '5 minute mousse is a ready to wear tan. 
The information on the packaging states 'speed dry, colour lockdown formula' this I totally agree with the mousse dries almost instantly  which does mean that the mousse needs to be applied fast but no waiting around for the product to dry! 

The information also states 'a natural golden glow continues to develop with long lasting results', with this product I found that the colour the tan gave when first applied was a nice golden glow but after leaving on through the night then washing off there was no colour left. This doesn't put me off the product though because this tanning product is perfect for putting on for a party then washing it off the next day. 
The product comes with 2 free gloves for application which are essential for applying the product.

I really liked the coconut scent to this product which actually reminds me of somewhere exotic and sunny! 

Overall I really liked this product because of the lovely golden glow that it gave to my skin, the easy application and the way it is presented. 

The full range of FakeBake products are available Here.

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Blistex intensive moisturiser | Review

With the temperature getting colder as the days lead up to the winter months, the cold weather will mean our lips will need more nourishing than ever. 
Our lips don't produce natural oils of their own meaning a hydrating lip balm is certainly needed.
Luckily for us, Blistex have a range of lip balms specially designed to moisturise and protect your lips during the colder months.

One of the products that Blistex sell is the 'Intensive Moisturiser' (£2.30 RSP) which contains Shea butter and olive.
After I apply the product, my lips instantly feel hydrated and smooth as it is thicker than an ordinary lip balm and doesn't leave the 'bitty' feel some can give. 
I really like the refreshing minty smell because I find that it helps my lips feel revived and refreshed. 
The only downside to the product for me, is that the tube only contains 5ml of the product and costs more than what I would usually pay for a lip balm but during winter months when the weather is cold and my lips are dry I wouldn't mind spending more money out on a lip cream that actually does the job! 

The rest of the Blistex range can be found Here on their website but is sold at many stores. (SuperdrugBoots... Etc)

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Autumn/winter | Wishlist

Hello once again,
Today's post is going to be slightly different because it's not a review but I thought you might like a Wishlist! 
I have picked out six items that I really like and might put on my Christmas list, to share with you. 

1. The first thing on my Wishlist is the lovely 'Cream cable knit jumper dress' (£24.99 Newlook). I really like this because it looks so cosy and would go well with tights and boots! It also comes in navy and dark green. 

2. The next thing is the knitted skater skirt (£8 Primark). I really like this too because of how cosy it looks and would be lovely with tights and a blousey shirt tucked in. As far as I know this skirt comes in grey and red, it might be available in other colours but for £8 it's a real bargain.

3. Also on my Wishlist is 'The Christmas penguin' (£3.25 Lush). This is a bubble bar which I have tried a few others of from lush but not this one so I would really like to try it. I have smelt this  before in store at lush and love the refreshing smell it has and who wouldn't want a penguin this cute? 

4. Something that I have wanted for a while is the 'L'oreal true match foundation (£9.99 Boots). I have heard some really good reviews about this foundation from youtubers and other bloggers but won't buy it due to my already having foundations that need to be used up and the price as I wouldn't usually spend £10 on foundation but it's something I would really like to try! 

5. I don't usually wear eyeshadow or anything on my eyes very often apart from mascara but after buying the Real techniques core collection brushes I would like to own the Real techniques Starter set(£21.99 Boots). These brushes are really professional and affordable. 

6. The last thing on my Wishlist is a nail varnish by Barry M in the shade 'Elderberry' (£3.99 Barry M). I love the colour of this, it reminds me of icicles for some reason! So I think it would be great to wear for autumn/winter and I love the gel like finish that this range of nail varnish give.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post today! 
And I would love to know what things are on your autumn/winter Wishlist?! 

Let me know below! 

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lush Cosmetics | My Mini Collection

Hello everyone, 
Here I am again with a post about my lush collection. As most of you know, lush is a company who sell natural, handmade products and are against animal testing. 
Over a little while I have added new things into my lush collection as it wasn't actually until around just over a year ago that I actually started to use and love lush products but I'm so glad that I found them! 
Now here's a peak into my collection...

Firstly I have some hair products, one of which is the Karma Komba (£5.75/55g) shampoo bar. This product is literally shampoo but in the form of a bar! When I first bought this product, I was a bit sceptical as to whether this product would actually clean my hair and leave it feeling clean, but i think it's safe to say this product is fantastic. Not only does it clean my hair but my hair is scented by the luxurious blend of oils that smell of karma. 

Also in the hair range I have the solid conditioner Jungle (£3.50/55g). On the lush website it says that this product is self preserving and packed with tropical fruit, oils and cocoa butter which sounds very nourishing. When I first bought this product I wasn't initially keen on the smell but was exited by the idea of it being a solid conditioner however after using the product a few times I have found that it doesn't feel like it conditions my hair at all. Using this conditioner feels like nothing is being put onto the hair however I like to feel the product on my hair so this is a bit of a disappointment for me but somebody else might find the product is right for them.

Next I have the lush Dirty toothy tabs (£2/40). I didn't actually buy these myself, a friend bought them to try but didn't like them and offered them to me. Lush say they are a solid alternative to toothpaste that contain spearmint to leave teeth squeaky clean. They are used by nibbling one between your front teeth before using your toothbrush as usual to brush your teeth. The taste of these are slightly weird, not like the taste of your normal toothpaste! Even though they are different, I would defiantly use these again maybe if I go on holiday or something but I don't feel I could change to these over my normal toothpaste.

The next lot of products i have in my collection are bath products. The first one is Space girl (£2.35/per item) which is a bath ballistic. It has a sweet and fruity scent and contains popping candy! This is the only bath bomb I've actually tried from lush because I actually prefer to have bubbles in my bath but I wanted to buy it because I loved the 'Parma violet' like smell. To use it all you have to do is fill the bath up to the level you want, then simply drop it into the water and watch it fizz away, leaving your bath water a lovely purple colour.

The next two are from the Christmas range, melting snowman and candy mountain. 
Melting snowman (£2.25/per item) is a bath melt which I have never used before. The first time i smelt this product I didn't know if I liked the smell but I have decided I love it! It has all the scents in it that remind me on Christmas and contains enriching almond oil and cocoa butter which are nourishing for the skin.


Also Candy mountain (£2.75/per item) which is a bubble bar. This is different to the others because it creates bubbles once crumbled under running water whereas the others don't. It has the same scent as the creamy candy bubble bar which is what I love about the product because I love sweet, girly scents! The candy mountain bubble bar is a limited edition bubble bar and I think it could be used for around 4 baths. I would recommend this to anyone!

The last thing I have in my collection is from the face range and is the Mask of magaminty (£5.50/125g). This mask although in the face mask range, can be used anywhere as it is a multi purpose mask and contains peppermint to stimulate. I bought this product after asking for a sample of it whilst instore at lush and after liking it bought the full size product. I find this mask really refreshing and leaves my skin feeling really clean, I will continue to purchase this product.

I have tried more of lush products like the Dorothy bubble bar and the comforter but I haven't got them anymore to be able to add pictures of them on here but I would recommend them to everyone!

This is my lush collection, which isn't huge at the moment but hopefully I can add more things to it in the near future! 

What products are in your lush collection? 

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette | Review & swatches

Makeup Revolution's best selling producis their Iconic 3 Redemption Eyeshadow Palette £4 which has been described as a dupe for the urban decay naked 3 palette.
The palette consists of 12 colours which range from light to dark. The packing is neat and tidy which looks very professional.

Overall I find this palette good value for money, high quality and I would recommend this and other products from the makeup revolution range. 

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Lush skin care products for oily/combination skin!

Hello once again,
Today I am going to be doing a post on some lush products for oily/combination skin and give you an insight on how to use them! 

The products that I'm going to post about have been designed for the needs of oily/combination skin and will make up a skincare routine.

First of all the most important thing is to clean your face and to do this I recommend using 'Angels on bare skin'. This product contains 'Kaolin'-which absorbs grease and dirt and 'Lavender'- to calm the skin. This product is £6.40 for 100g or £16 for 250g and leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh.

After I recommend scrubbing your face with 'ocean salt' a face and body scrub. This product contains 'avocado butter, coconut oil and seaweed absolute'- keeping skin soft and smooth and 'seasalt'- which is rich in minerals. It costs £13.25 a pot which is quite a lot but I found this product really effective at removing dry, patchy skin.

Next I would use a face mask to help clean, calm and clear the skin, a good one from lush for oily/combination skin is the 'mask of magaminty'. This product contains 'peppermint oil'- to stimulate and  'marigold' and 'chlorophyllin'- to treat the skin. This product costs £5.25 for a small pot or £9.25 for a large pot. I really enjoy using this product as it's really refreshing and is self preserving and lasts longer than the fresh face masks!

Once I have washed off the face mask, I like to pat my face dry then apply some moisturiser. One that I have been enjoying is 'imperialis' as after the oils have been removed from my face by the others I don't want to put oil back into my face and this product is just right for that! It costs £12.95 for 45g which is pricy and the smell isn't the best but this is a really nice product and I would defiantly recommend! 

 To finish off my skincare routine when I have spots and blemishes, I think 'grease lightning' to help clear them up. This product 
contains 'rosemary', 'thyme', 'antioxidant witchhazel' and 'tea-tree'- as they are all antibacterial. This product costs £6.25 each and only comes in one size. It is in a clear, jelly like form which is easy to apply but is begs applied before the spot has fully appeared if possible!

All of these products are available In store or online at Lush and if you ask in store or online when ordering something for a sample of a product you would like to try they are almost always happy to give you a sample to try to see if you like it first!

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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Batiste Pixie Lott dry shampoo | Review

Pixie Lott & Batiste have teamed up to create this fabulous dry shampoo, combining Batiste’s award winning formula with a design & fragrance inspired by Pixie herself. 
This dry shampoo is £2.99 for 200ml which is a reasonable price and is so easy to use in just three easy steps...
1. Shake can vigorously and spray onto the roots, keeping the nozzle  30cm from hair.
2. Massage through with fingertips.
3. Brush hair and style as desired!

After testing this product a few times, I have decided that I have found it refreshing and effective. It has helped remove excess oil from my hair in between washes and add life back into my hair! 

Personally I wouldn't say this is the best scent in the batiste range but it's still a great product from batiste!
The only problem I have really found with this product, is that it leaves my room very dusty after using it but this doesn't really affect how great the product is!

I recommend this and other products in the batiste range as a refreshment for your hair in between washes and it can be bought from many drugstores!

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Three Foundations | Reviews

Hello again!
Today I thought I would post a foundation review as over a space of time I have bought three different foundations to try as I would like to find one that I like and suits my skin! 
I am one of those people who start using a product but never finish it as I have bought a new one that I want to try! 

The first foundation I have is the Maybelline ' Super Stay Better skin' foundation in the colour 005 light beige. The price of this foundation is £8.99 and can be bought from Superdrug or Boots.
On the bottle there are claims that the product 'Evens skin tone instantly' and 'Better looking skin in 3 weeks'.
After using this foundation for the first time, I did notice my skin looked smoother and more even. Although I can't say that it made my skin look better after 3 weeks.
I like the coverage of this foundation as it covers any spots I have  but leaves my skin slightly shiny and doesn't last all day, this could be because the bottle does state 'normal skin' but I have combination/oily.
The next foundation I have is the Rimmel 'Match perfection' in the colour 100 ivory. The foundation is £6.99 and can be bought
from Superdrug and Boots
This foundation states 'Traceless coverage with advanced smart tone technology for perfectly flawless skin under any light'. 
With this foundation I have noticed that in some lights it looks perfect for my skin tone but in others it looks a little orange, however I love the coverage and has quite a nice smell to it and have found that it does last for most of the day!

The last foundation I have is the Collection 'Lasting perfection foundation in the colour 1 porcelain. The foundation is £5.99 and can also be bought from Superdrug and Boots
This product doesn't have any big claims but does state that it 'lasts up to 16 hours', 'flawless coverage' and 'minimises imperfections'. I really wanted to like this product as I thought it was going to be really good, I used it a couple of times before realising that the colour was way too dark for my skin tone! Even though the colour that I have is the lightest that they do in this foundation I could only wear this after I had a spray tan which was disappointing so won't be buying again unfortunately!

All of these foundations have a pump applicator which I find really handy and all contain 30ml of the product. 

What foundation do you like to use? 

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Friday, 8 August 2014

Liebster Award | Nomination

Over the past few weeks, I have been nominated by 8 people to do the Liebster award and I would just like to say thank you to them all for nominating me! They all are:

What is the Liebster Award?

The Liebster award is an award between bloggers in which the aim is to discover new blogs and bloggers. The rules are as follows...
1. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person that nominated you.
2. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
3. nominate some bloggers yourself.
4. create 11 new questions for them to answer.

As I have been nominated by quite a few people I will be choosing 4 questions from each person to answer 

Questions by brianna:
1.when did you last clean your room?
A few weeks ago I had a good sort out but generally I put stuff away everyday to keep it tidy!
2.who is your favourite blog/blogger? Why?
Zoella, I love the things she posts about and the quality of her posts!
3. Least favourite but regularly used makeup product?
This would have to be.. A mascara that I use which I don't like because it doesn't do anything for my lashes but I feel like I should keep using it.
4. Who has contributed most in your life? 
My mum and dad.

Questions by Emily:
1. Where did the inspiration from your blog name come from?
Me and my best friends where at the park, I was picking Daisy's to take pictures and make daisy chains and we were talking about making a blog! The idea of using daisychains in the name just seemed like a good idea!
2.favourite scent?
'Mist you madly' by soap & glory
3. What is your favourite blog post you've written so far? Why?
What I got for my birthday because they were things people chose to buy for my and I loved sharing what I recieved with other people.
4.happiest moment in life so far?
This is hard as I'm still so young but probably when I found out we were going to Florida! 

Questions by Megan:
1. Favourite beauty item?
2. Favourite season? 
I love summer as it's warm and I love wearing summer clothes but when it's summer I can't wait for winter but if I had to choose, it would be summer! 
3. What was your reason to start blogging?
I had been wanting one for ages but the biggest reason for starting a blog was the idea of sharing my opinions and thing I have been enjoying with other people! 
4.biggest pet peeve?
When someone sits and taps or shakes their leg making the whole sofa 
shake. It's soo annoying!

Questions by Elise:
1.whats your favourite colour?
Purple, purple, purple!
2. Favourite meal?
I love vegetable burritos! Yum!
3. Do you enjoy blogging?
Yeah, it's something I like to do when I have some spare time!
4. Favourite drugstore brand?
I don't have a favourite really, I'm terrible because I tend to buy things because they're on offer rather than buying a favourite but I like Rimmel London!

Questions by The Resident Talker:
1. Favourite type of vegetable?
2. Do you speak any other languages?
I took French as a language at school and studied it for two years but can't actually say that I can speak french!
3. Three beauty products you couldn't live without?
Foundation, mascara and lip balm.
4. What is your lucky number?
I don't have a lucky number :/

Questions by Naomi-rose:
1. Coffee or tea?
I happily drink both but do drink more tea to coffee.
2. What is your least favourite food?
I really don't like cherry tomatoes, I eat big tomatoes but not 
3. How do you unwind after a long day?
I might read a magazine or sit on the sofa watching telly!
4. Would you rather watch TV, rent a movie or read a book? Why?
Unfortunately I don't read books, i don't watch many movies but I watch telly everyday so I would rather watch TV!

Questions by Lacey:
1. What is your dream job to have?
My dream job is to be a hairdresser!
2. Are you scared of anything?
Probably death.
3. If you could save one thing in a house fire, what would you save?
Out of everything, I think the most important thing to save would be pictures, everything else can be replaced but pictures can't.
4. What shop do you spend the most in?
Newlook! Every time I walk in I see things I would like to buy!

11 facts about me:
1. Two of my best friends have blogs
2. I am 16 years old
3. I am an aspiring hairdresser
4. I don't like reading books
5. So far I have never broken a bone
6. I use to have a rabbit called Mitchell 
7. I have a brother
8. I have Half my hair brown and half blond!

Questions for my nominees: 
1. What is the best holiday you have been on?
2. What is your favourite meal?
3. Heels or flats?
4. What's your biggest fear?
5. What is your favourite song?
6. Best season?
7. Dogs of cats?
8. What made you start your blog?
9. When is your birthday? 
10. What country do you live in?
11. Tea or coffee? 

I nominate

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

What I got for my birthday | 2014

The other day was my birthday, it was a lovely day and I recieved some lovely presents from friends and family! So I thought I would make a blog post to show you all what I got!
Here I got this lovely Yankee candle, it's in the summer scoop scent and I absolutely love it because it's so sweet and summery! 
Yankee candle- summer scoop
I also got a body butter, body scrub and a body wash by soap and glory which is great because I absolutely love soap & glory products.
Soap and glory products 
I was bought some things that I can keep which are a picture frame and a mug!
Mug with '16' on 
Picture frame with 16 on

A friend bought me some presents which I am so thrilled with, one was a nail vanish by Kelly Brook, I think the colour is so lovely!

Kelly Brook nail varnish
She also bought me some love heart earrings in lots of different colours which are so pretty.
And she also got me a sweetie pie shower jelly from lush and I cannot wait to use this as I have been wanting to buy this product for ages but haven't got round to buying it and it smells fantastic! 
Lush shower jelly in sweetie pie
I did get bought a few other things but these are the main presents I thought I would show, I also got given some money and because I love lush I decided to buy myself some products from there!
Dorothy bubble bar, jungle solid conditioner,
Karma komba solid soap bar and sample of Marilyn 

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My everyday makeup routine...

Hello again! 
Here I am making a post about my everyday makeup products and the order in which I apply them! I hope you enjoy!
Firstly before I even start to apply make up I cleanse and tone my face to remove any old makeup that may be left over from washing my face the night before! 
Once my face has dried I apply the NYC primer all over my face to prepare my skin for makeup! 
After that has soaked in I apply foundation, currently I am using the Maybelline  better skin foundation which I apply using a blending brush until all the product has blended into my skin!
To cover any darkness under my eyes I follow foundation with a liquid concealer by Mua which helps to cover & conceal any problem areas that foundation might have missed.

In order to set my foundation and concealer, using a powder brush I apply a loose powder over my entire face but focusing on my t zone as my skin is very oily at times.

As my eyebrows are a light colour and difficult to see I add some colour and definition to them by using the Mua eyebrow pencil in blonde.

And finally to finish off my everyday makeup I apply mascara! However to create a curl and add length to my lashes I use an eyelash curler as it improves the overall finish of the look of my eyes!

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