Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Zuzka Natural Lipstick | Review

Hello Everyone,
Today's post is a review on a product, by a brand called Zuzka. They sell Fresh Natural cosmetics which are handmade from Organic Herbs and flowers! 
The product I am reviewing is their 'Natural Lipstick in the colour 'Candy Floss'* £14.99.

Zuzka's lipsticks are made with a blend of nourishing natural and organic oils and waxes. 
I think the packaging looks 'sleek' and 'classic' which makes the lipstick look more luxurious.
The lipstick the shade I have is called 'Candy Floss' which is a lovely light pink that adds subtle colour to your lips, i find this good for me because i love bright coloured lipsticks but am only confident to wear colours like this! 

I have quite dry lips and using this lipstick wasn't quite moisturising enough for me but would be great for someone that doesn't have dry lips.
Zuzka have 14 colours in their lipstick range in total that can be found Here along with the same colours in a lipgloss version.
Also the full range of Zuzka's products can be found Here.

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Technic cosmetics | Review

Today I am going to be reviewing some products by a brand called Technic. 
The first product I'm going to review is 'High Lights'* £1.99. This product is great to highlight your cheeks, eyes and lips and is easy to use by dabbing onto the area then blending with your fingers to give a subtle shimmer. The packaging is very similar to Benefit 'High Beam' although I haven't used the benefit highlighter to compare the formula. This product is super affordable and great to add some glow to your complexion!

The next product is the 'Lashitude' Mascara* £3.99. First 
impressions of the product are that the packaging looks sleek and appealing. In terms of the actual mascara it added volume to my lashes but like other mascaras that aren't waterproof it didn't hold the curl I had achieved with eyelash curlers and flaked leaving smudges under my eyes. Apart from that it would probably be great for someone looking for volume rather than big, curled lashes. 

The next product is this Eyeshadow Palette called 'Sultry'* £1.49. The palette comes with six different coloured eye shadows and is really affordable for only £1.49. The palette contains earthy colours that have a slight shimmer, great for day and night wear.

The next product is the 'Beauty Boost Foundation'* £3.99. The product is a brightening foundation, I think the foundation is a light coverage but covers blemishes and spots with a small amount of the product. It did leave my skin with a slight shine which is probably best for people with dry or normal skin but can always be powdered down to reduce the shine. 

The next product is the 'Colourmax' lipgloss* £2.99. Although I wouldn't personally choose this colour lipgloss, it gives off great colour and coverage, with a glossy finish. The lipgloss has a fruity scent which is appealing and is easy to apply. 

The next product is the 'Colour Fix' Fine pressed powder* (Price Unknown). This powder comes with a mirror and a sponge which is great for application when on the go. With the powder being fine I've found that it isn't cakey but unfortunately due to me having oily/combination skin it didn't keep my face matt for very long but would be great for someone who doesn't have this problem. 

The last product is the 'Brilliant touch highlighter & blemish concealer'* £2.99. Firstly, this is really easy to use, just 2 or 3 turns of the dial, brush the product onto the area then blend with your fingertips or a brush. I've found that not much of the product is needed to cover blemishes and it didn't crease when used under my eyes. 

Overall I think Technic's products are a good quality and super affordable but only have a limited choice of colours in some of their products. 
Technic products can be bought from lovethymakeup.com 

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Friday, 13 February 2015

Sunkissed Glimmer Compact | Review

Hello everybody! I'm back again with another product review, I know I have been posting quite a few product reviews lately but I have some lovely products to share! 

Today's product review is this 'Glimmer Compact' by Sunkissed £4.49. Sunkissed say 'The Sunkissed Glimmer Compact comes in five shimmering shades that blend together to create a natural looking bronzed glow, suitable for fair to medium skin tones' and I have to say the colours in this product, worked well with my fair skin tone by adding a hint of colour.

It's great to use in the hollows of your cheek for a contouring effect or all over to add a healthy glow! 

In my opinion, I like the product because it suits my skin tone, has a lot of product for the price (19.5grams) and if your new to bronzing it's choice of 5 shades means there's something for everyone and can be adapted to meet individual needs.

The whole range of Sunkissed products can be found Here.

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Friday, 6 February 2015

Denman D3 kiss | Review

Today I am going to be reviewing the lovely Denman Classic D3 Styling Brush. 
This brush has the same characteristics of a classic Denman Brush but comes in a vibrant pink colour with silver Kiss prints. 

The brush has an Anti-static rubber pad which I found helped grip onto my fine hair something other brushes struggle with, meaning my hair had less flyways and was smoother once blow dried.

Having a more feminine design to the original Denman brush, it looks pretty left out on a dressing table.

In my opinion, this brush would make a lovely present for all occasions! It can be bought for £7.31 from Denamn's website and the full range can be found Here!

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Green Tea Smoothing Mask | Review

I was recently sent this Green Tea Smoothing face mask* £4.95 from a company called Timeless Truth. The mask can be used cold by placing in the fridge before use or warm by placing the sachet in warm water before use.

When I removed the mask from the sachet, I found it was generously covered in the Green Tea serum but it meant that it dripped on the floor as I opened the mask up and my hands were covered in the serum whilst placing the mask on my face! Although the excess serum can be used on other areas of the body.

The mask has Natural extracts of Green tea, Aloe Vera and chamomile, which is said to help prevent premature signs of ageing. While regulating oil secretions, improve uneven skin tone and texture and minimise large pores.

I have to say I don't usually go for cloth face masks and usually opt for peel or wash off ones but after using this mask I found my skin instantly felt refreshed, smoother and tighter. With the results lasting days rather than a few hours.

The whole range of Timeless Truth face masks can be found on there website at www.thebeautymask.co.uk

What do you think of Cloth face masks? Would you consider trying one?

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