Sunday, 29 June 2014

June favourites!

So, as this is my first favourites of the month post, just a post full of products that I have been loving in a month! 
My first favourite of the month is this toner by Nivea
I find this toner is really refreshing and leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean, I use it twice a day applied to a cotton pad.
This toner is available from most drugstores, boots and Superdrug for example. The actual price of this product is £3.59 Here which is however I bought it at that price at Superdrug!

My second favourite of the month is this hair oil by matrix.
This hair oil can be applied to damp and dry hair, I tend to apply it to my hair whilst it is damp before I blow-dry it, it leaves my hair feeling super soft and silky feeling which I have been loving! 
This brand is sold in salons, and I have found it Here on the Matrix website but I'm not sure where it is sold!

My third and final favourite of the month is the sugar crush body scrub by soap and glory.

I am loving this product as my skin is quite dry at the moment and it gently removes dead skin cells leaving my skin smooth!
This product is £8 from boots which can be found Here

What are your favourites this month? Comment below!

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£1 Nail Varnishes!

There's not much that you can get for £1 nowadays...
However one thing that you can get is a nail varnish by a brand called MUA!
From left to right: Pitch black, Frozen yogurt,
Sweet peach, Bold blue & Pistachio ice cream

Here is my collection from the brands range of nail varnishes, which is sold at Superdrug stores however the whole of the collection is on the MUA website Here
Personally I think all of the colours that the brand do are lovely however the nail varnishes are quite runny and chip easily meaning that a few layers are needed and a top coat to make sure it lasts. 
Swatches: same order as above

Even though as I said, the nail varnishes are thin, I would still recommend that people buy them as I am hoping to expand my collection! 

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Blondes! Brighten up your day...

Leo Bancroft shampoo and conditioner £4 each

As all blondes know, after a while blonde hair can become dull and brassy. To help combat this Leo Bancroft has developed a blonde shampoo and conditioner which claims to 'Neutralise stubborn brassy tones and produce brilliant shine'.

After using this product myself, in my own opinion I have found that the product combats brassy tones and leaves my hair in great condition. 
I use this product a couple of times a month to refresh my hair, however it can be used as an everyday shampoo and conditioner. 

The product is sold exclusively at Tesco's at £4 each bottle, the shampoo can be found Here and the conditioner Here  on Tesco's website and is also available in store.

Alternatively if you're not a blonde but would like to find a shampoo and conditioner to suit your hair the full Leo Bancroft range is Here .

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Introduction to Daisychains16...

So here I am writing my first ever post on this blog and as a way to start it off, the first post is going to be questions and answers all about me, so that you all can get to know a bit more!  

What is your name? 
My name is Tayla!!

When is your birthday? 
My Birthday is on the 1st of August! 

What is your favourite makeup brand?
My favourite makeup brand has got to be Rimmel London but I do also like Collection makeup too! 

What is your favourite clothes shop? 
One of my all time favourite clothes shops is New look which I am always shopping in! I just love the clothes and can guarantee that I will always see something I like every time I go in there! 

Best skin care product?
A skin care brand that I feel really works well on my skin is the simple skin care brand. All the products contain all natural ingredients!

Okay, so there is a little bit about me and the things I like! 
From now on I will be posting very regularly things like reviews, makeup, fashion, tutorials and more! 

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