Saturday, 22 November 2014

FakeBake | Review

Today's post is another product review, I will be reviewing two products by the brand FakeBake, 'Amplify' (£18) and '5 Minute Mousse'(£19.99).

The first product that I'm going to review, is 'Amplify', Amplify is a multi purpose, skin enhancing daily gradual tan.
The information on the packaging states, that it has 'a unique formula that works in three ways to INTENSIFY the colour and life of your tan using added tanning actives creating a golden glow'. 

Personally I find it misleading that it says 'daily gradual tan' because when I think of a daily gradual tan I think of something that day by day builds up the tan, without the need to already have a tan but with the information provided I would class this product as something that prolongs a tan. 

The information also states 'it also contains a natural plant based agent to optimise and BOOST your skins natural tanning process by encouraging melanin production' this suggests to me that this product should be used before and after a tan, not to create a tan. 

During the testing of this product, I have found it really moisturising, which is great when preparing for a tan.
Whilst using the product though, I didn't see much difference to the  colour my skin.
For me the product has a 'yoghurt' like scent to it which I really liked compared to the usual fake tan smell which usually puts me off the products. 

Overall this product is a great thing to use for a week before going out in the sun and after to maintain the tan and moisturise the skin but is more money than what I would usually spend on a fake tan product. 

The next product I am going to review is FakeBake's '5 Minute Mousse', the '5 minute mousse is a ready to wear tan. 
The information on the packaging states 'speed dry, colour lockdown formula' this I totally agree with the mousse dries almost instantly  which does mean that the mousse needs to be applied fast but no waiting around for the product to dry! 

The information also states 'a natural golden glow continues to develop with long lasting results', with this product I found that the colour the tan gave when first applied was a nice golden glow but after leaving on through the night then washing off there was no colour left. This doesn't put me off the product though because this tanning product is perfect for putting on for a party then washing it off the next day. 
The product comes with 2 free gloves for application which are essential for applying the product.

I really liked the coconut scent to this product which actually reminds me of somewhere exotic and sunny! 

Overall I really liked this product because of the lovely golden glow that it gave to my skin, the easy application and the way it is presented. 

The full range of FakeBake products are available Here.

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  1. I love using sunless tanning products! So much healthier than tanning, and it saves you from getting wrinkles! Great review.

  2. I think i have to check out ths brand!
    So many details in a post,I love this!:D


  3. Love the post!
    I tagged you in the Fifteen Festive Favourites Tag!

  4. Loved the post, I seriously need to check out this brand now :) XO

  5. I'm a serious tanaholic loved your review very insightful and detailed! Would love if you checked my blog out :)

  6. I love reading fake tan reviews! I might get the first one to use whilst on my next holiday!