Sunday, 17 April 2016

Pink Parcel | Monthly Subscription Box

Today I have a review of a monthly subscription box by Pink Parcel. This subscription box is different to others as it's a box specifically designed to help you feel better at 'that time of the month'!
Pink parcel works by giving you three dates, meaning you choose the one closest to your period, a wide range of sanitary product brands so you can chose your most preferred and you will be sent out a box every month a few days before your period.
Pink parcel review
Today I have the April box* from Pink Parcel to give you an insight as to what the box generally contains every month.
Pink parcel review
Each box contains a 'for you' pack with some treats to cheer you up, a 'for bedtime' pack with some of your chosen sanitary products, a 
'for now' pack containing your sanitary products for general use, a 'keep these in your bag pack' to make carrying sanitary products with you so much easier, a 'for down there' pack with some freshening up wipes and a pack of bags to dispose your sanitary products in!
In every box the 'For you' pack contains a mixture of treats which change every month! Here is a list of products that the April box contained:
Npw Pomegranate & paw paw Face Mask
A Mallow & Marsh Bar
Teapigs Camomile Flowers tea bag
True Brit London Pink Parcel Nail Polish
Nairn's Rough Oatcakes
Booze Body Care French Martini Hand Cream
A product from New Cid Cosmetics
The parcel contains lots of products to last you through your period and give you the choice as to what sanitary product they send you and even your favourite brand. 

Pink Parcel even go as far as thinking about the disposing of your products when out and about as sometimes it can be difficult and not as discrete as it should be and by sending out freshen up wipes mean you can always feel clean and fresh.

Overall I love the idea of this subscription box! It comes in plain  packaging so your postman won't have any idea what's inside the parcel and contains so much stuff for just £12.99 (including P&P) however new subscribers to the box get their first box for £9.95!

Having the box sent each month would definately give you a 'Pick me up' and not knowing what bits and pieces the box is going to contain makes opening it up exciting.

All information and to start a pink parcel subscription can be found on the website: 

Have you subscribed to any subscription boxes? What do you think of Pink Parcel?

*Pr Sample 

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