Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Gifts | Mini Gift Guide Under £10

Today I have a very mini which includes 3 gift sets from two well known brands.

First up is from the much loved brand 'I Love...' their 'Little Bag Of Love*' £5.50 set! This lovely little set contains a 100ml bottle of 'I Love(s)...' limited edition Cherry Almond Sparkle bath & Shower Creme, a Raspberry & Blackberry Spritzer and a Body Puff! 

Next up and also from 'I Love...' I have a single bottle of the Cherry Almond Sparkle Bath & Shower Creme* £2. 
This would make a perfect little gift/stocking filler and smells lovely with its cherry bake well like scent! 

The last and final gift set I have if from Burts Bees and is their Classic Beeswax Gift set* £6.99. A perfect little present especially during the winter months as it contains the Original Beeswax Lip Balm and a Hand Salve tin to keep dry hands and lips at bay! 

Here is my round up of three gifts all super affordable at under £10!

With Christmas now only 15 sleeps away, what are you looking forward to the most?!

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Soap & Glory Christmas Gift Sets | £20 and under

With only Christmas fast approaching and only 32 sleeps away, YES, 32 sleeps, it's only right for me to bring some festive cheer into my post and share with you three Christmas gift sets by Soap & Glory!
All three gifts are £20 and under, something for every price range!

The first gift set is 'Glam-O-Flage*£20. This must have kit has everything needed to get you ready for the festive season.
Glow All Out: Luminising Face Powder
Supercat: Carbon Black Eyeliner Pen
Thick & Fast: High Definition Collagen Coat Mascara
Sexy Mother Pucker: Lip Lacquer 
Lid Stuff: Cream Soda, Copper and Choccy Shades

This gift set is great value for money and contains a great array of products! 
Next is the 'Righteous Butter Drum*'£5, one of Soap & Glorys more affordable sets. Contains the much loved 'Righteous Butter' but is presented in a reusable tin drum, great for storing things like hairbands in after!
Can be hung on your Christmas tree by its ribbon hanger but may possibly be too heavy?!

Last but not least i have the 'Crazy Sexy Kohl*' £14. Once again the products are presented in a reusable tin, however this product contains 5 of the 'Crazy Sexy Kohl' eyeliner pencils.

The five colours that the set contains are: (From left to right)

'Smoulder Kohl'- Blue My Mind (Christmas Only)
'Smoulder Kohl'- SuperBlack 
'Smoulder Kohl'- Aquabat (Christmas Only)
'Smoulder Kohl'- Cocoa Bean
'Smoulder Kohl'- Grapevine (Christmas Only)

At £14 for the whole set, it means that each eyeliner pencil works out to only £2.80 each and contains three Christmas exclusives that aren't sold at other times during the year!

If you would like a full review of any of the products I have shown in this blogpost, please let me know in the comments below!

The whole range of Soap & Glory Gift sets can be found instore and online at

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Saturday, 14 November 2015

I Love... Cleansing Hand Gel Collection | Review

Hand Cleansing Gels are one of my many, hand bag essentials! What's even better is when the much loved brand 'I Love...' Bring out their own hand gel range in four surprisingly sweet scents! 

There are four scents in the range, 'Raspberry & Blackberry*', 'Mango & Papaya*', 'Strawberries & Cream*' and 'Coconut & Cream*' (Which is definately my favourite!) 

With Jojoba these hand gels are very moisturising, have a fast acting formula and hygienically cleanse hands 

At an affordable £1.25 each these lovely hand gels would be great as part of a gift or even a stocking filler. They make hand gels even more exciting unlike the usual standard hand gels available. 

If are interested in coconut scented things you can check out my review of some other products in the range here.

These hand gels can be bought from Superdrug and th full range of I Love... Products can be found at

Have you tried any products from I Love...?  

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Monday, 9 November 2015

2 True BB Cream | Review

Today I am reviewing a BB cream from 2True. 2True is an affordable UK brand, selling high quality products at everyday prices!
The 8 in 1 BB beautiful cream* £3.50 is a BB cream (Blemish Balm) is a lightweight foundation that 'gives a fresh faced natural glow'.

I like the concept of the product, it has 8 functions in one tube, is lightweight, so is great for use on those good skin days and is an affordable everyday product! 

I've only found that even though this product is in the shade light/medium, it has a slight orange tone to it. Me having fair skin, means the product doesn't match especially during winter when I'm generally even paler but I do think this product would be great for someone with a slight tan/less pale skin and is looking for a lightweight everyday BB cream! 

Have you used/considered using a BB cream? 

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Friday, 23 October 2015

Blistex Happy Lips | Review

With the temperature dropping bit by bit each day, winter is certainly round the corner. 
During the cold winter months your lips need to be cared for more than usual due to lips becoming dryer.
Happy Lips Blistex
Blistex have bought out two products as part of their 'Happy Lips' range that are perfect during this time! 

Happy Lips Blistex
There are two flavours to choose from in the range, Mango* and Strawberry*. Both contain vitamin E to soften and condition, keeping lips nourished and conditioned with a lovely sweet scent!

More information on lip balms and tips on caring for lips can be found at and can be bought at Superdrug and Boots for £2.49 each.

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Monday, 5 October 2015

Insta Naturals Argan Oil Hair Mask & Serum | Review

Today I have a review of two products which i was kindly sent to review by Insta Naturals.

The first product is their 'Superior Hydration Argan Oil Hair Mask' 

InstaNatural Argan Oil Hair Mask - Intensive Hair Conditioner That Will Turn Dry, Damaged Hair Into Luxurious, Silky Strands - With Organic Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, & Vitamin B5 - Deep Treatment Cream Increases Volume, Softness and Shine.

As this product is a hair mask, not just a regular conditioner, (although can be used as a regular conditioner), It's something I like to use once a week by washing my hair with my usual shampoo then applying a thick layer and combing through my hair using my fingers. 
The product should be left on the hair for 5 to 15 minutes but I like to add heat as it helps intensify the effects before rining as usual. 

The scent of this product reminds me of chocolate orange which lingers for ages. The mask leaves my hair feeling nourished and silky smooth, a great pick me up, pampering product for your hair!
The second, final product I have is their 'Luxurious Argan Oil Hair Treamtment' £16.95*. 

InstaNatural Argan Oil For Hair Treatment & Elixir - Hair Oil 

Treatment Infused With Organic Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil And Vitamin B5 For Hair - Best Hair Care Leave-In Conditioner Treatment | Perfect for Frizzy, Dry and Damaged Hair. 

The Argan oil hair treatment is something I use more than the mask as its more of a leave in conditioner and can be left for as long as you require.

The oil should be put in dry hair, left for the required amount of time before being washed then shampooed out. Personally I find this oil too heavy to leave in hair as it made my hair look greasy. Leaving the product in overnight before washing out the next morning is how this product works best for me.

Like the hair mask my hair was left silky soft and nourished and works great used alongside the hair mask! I think the products are great for any hair type but would be even better for thick/curly hair more than fine/straight hair but overall two great products!

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Do you use any hair treatments masks? Would you consider using a product made from all natural ingredients? 

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Monday, 21 September 2015

2True Lip Gloss | Review

2True Lipgloss
2True is an affordable UK brand that sell high quality products at everyday, affordable prices!

I have four of their lip glosses which I'm going to review today but if you would like to read my review of their great mascaras visit here and here for a review on two of their nail varnishes! 

2True Lipgloss
(Lip Gloss' are in the same order below)
Crystal Lip Gloss £2.29*:
This is a high shine lip gloss with 2 other shades available in the range which could be worn everyday as leaves lips shiny but not shimmery. The only thing I don't like about this lipgloss is the applicator but it's not a big deal! 

Plumptous Lip Gloss £1.99*:
This lip gloss is one of my past time favourites that I used to buy when I was younger! It's really moisturising, shiny and leaves lips plump. Perfect for parties!

Pro 8hr Power Lip Gloss £4.99*:

This lip Gloss is very pigmented, almost a shiny/glossy version of a lip stick that lasts well, in fact, I struggled to remove it! 

Pro Wow Gloss for Lips £2.99*:
2True class this as a lip gloss but personally I find its more like a lip butter. Very moisturising on the lips and great for everyday wear! 

As you can tell all of these products are very affordable! 
If you are interested in having a look at the full range of 2True products you can find them at

Have you tried any products by 2True?

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Friday, 4 September 2015

Glo & Ray Cosmetics | Reviews

Glo & Ray is a British cosmetic brand, designed to compliment every woman's unique look and one that I hadn't heard of until recently. 

Today I have two of their products to review, a blush and a lipstick. 

First up is the blush which is the 'Nuage Solo Blush' in the shade Luna Maroon-501* £11. The first thing that i love about this blush is the packaging which is a sleek, handbag Worthy compact that even comes with a built in mirror and a brush, handy for when out and about! 
The colour has a peachy tone with a gold shimmer which gives a 'highlight' effect to cheeks. If 'peach' isn't the colour for you, Glo & Ray have 6 other shades in the range to suit everyone's needs.

Next up is the 'LA AMO Creamy Matte Lip Colour' in the shade 'Muse'* £12. This lipstick has a creamy texture and is very moisturising but leaves lips with a matte but slightly glossy finish. 

This shade of the lipstick is a pinky/peachy colour with 10 other shades also in the range however if Matte lipstick isn't for you Glo & Ray have a range of 'LA AMO Creamy Shimmer Lip Colour' which gives a glossy finish instead. 

The whole range of Glo & Ray Products can be found online here

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

2True Nail Varnish | Review

2True recently launched their new website featuring their affordable, high quality products. 
Last month I reviewed two of their mascaras which I really liked, you can find the post here and today I have three nail varnishes which I have swatches of and will complete a full review! 

2True Nail Varnish

The first two nail varnishes that I have are from their Fast Dry Polish Range. Altogether they have 19 shades in the range and are priced at just £1.99 each!  

2True Nail Varnish

In the picture above is the 'Fast Dry Nail Polish, Shade 23*' £1.99, which is a light blue shade, perfect for spring/summer time. This nail polish actually gives a nice coverage and finish even after just one coat but two is reccommended for a full gloss finish. 

2True nail varnish

In the picture above is the 'Fast Dry Nail Polish, Shade 32*' £1.99, which is a light beige pink colour and once again leaves nails with a high shine and full coverage. 

2True nail varnish
The last nail Varnish I have is from their Salon Shine range, containing only 2 shades. The range is designed to provide a high shine, extra glossy finish with intense colour coverage.

2True nail varnish

In the picture above is the 'Salon Shine, Shade Taylor*' £3.99 which is a dark fushia pink shade. This Nail varnish gives a fuller coverage in just one coat and gives a salon finish.

The whole range of Nail Varnishes can be found at with prices starting at just £1.99! 

What are your favourite nail varnish colours to wear? 

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Friday, 21 August 2015

Eyelure Pro-Lash Dye Kit | Review

Without mascara my lashes can look sparse and short, to help with this I was planning on going to a salon And getting my lashes tinted, meaning they would permantly look darker and fuller without the need for mascara. 

Before getting to a salon I happened to notice a Eyelure Pro-Lash Dye kit £9.49 in my local boots meaning I could dye my own lashes from the comfort of my own home. 

 The kit contains a no mixing formula making the application simple.
To dye the lashes you simply have to use the mascara wand to apply the colour to lashes, leave for the required amount of time, remove, then apply the developer in the same manner. 

If you are looking for a more affordable alternative when it comes to having your lashed tinted, this kit is for you. It is quick, affordable and simple to use! 
Can be purchased instore and online at

The whole range of Eyelure products can be found at

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Have you ever tried this kit by Eyelure or would you consider trying it? 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

What I got for my birthday | 2015

On the 1st of August I Celebrated my 17th Birthday and wanted to share with all some of the lovely presents I received! In case you where interested, I did one of these posts last year which you can view here if you wanted to read it.

Firstly I received two Yankee Candle samplers £1.80 each in the scents Shea Butter and Pink dragon fruit. Yankee candles are my favourite brand of candles so I was pleased to receive two more! 

Keeping on the subject of candles, I also received a Candle which is from primark in the scent Sweet Vanilla & Coconut! I've had one of these candles in the past and love the scent!

I also received two products from soap & glory, a Mist You Madly body spray £4 which is actually my favourite soap and glory scent and a Clean On Me Mini £2.50 which is also another favourite! 


Another thing I received was this set of three Nail Varnishes By Studio London, the colours are lovely and perfect for Autumn/Winter which isn't far away.

The next thing  I received is from Lush, I have tried many of the bath products from Lush but not really anything else so I am really excited to try this out! It is the Buffy Body Butter £11.45 / 200g which from what I can gather is a body butter that is used on wet skin but it also contains exfoliation ingredients to remove dead skin cells! 

I also recived this necklace from New Look, which is a lovely pale blue, statement necklace. This is something I would wear with a plain top so the necklace stands out! 

Finally I was kindly sent this Angel Face BB Cream* £10.95, it is a BB cream with a combination of makeup and skincare giving a sheer, illuminated coverage. 

If you would like to see a full review/ blogpost on any of these products, please let me know in the comments 

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Friday, 31 July 2015

2true Mascara | Review

Recently 2True launched their new website to bring affordable Cosmetics to the UK. 2True have products with prices starting from £1.99 meaning they fit anyone's budget.

Today I have two of their mascaras, the 2True Pro Flasheyes mascara*£2.99 and the 2True WOW Mascara* £2.99

Firstly, usually when it comes to more 'affordable' brands the range of each product tends to be very small, however 2True have over 10 different Mascaras in their range to suit every need which is great!

If you have read any of my previous posts where I talk about mascara, you will know that I don't usually get on with usual mascara and tend to opt for waterproof! Being sceptical of that when I first tried these Mascaras I found that they held a curl whilst lengthening and thinking lashes which is just what I look for in a mascara! 
Also neither mascara flake or smudge meaning my lashes look the same at the end of the day as they did at the start! 

The whole range of 2True products can be found at and until the end of August you can get 10% off using the code: X00418 
Or at online at and instore. 

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Makeup Routine | Updated

Recently I was thinking about my blog and realised that this time last year, I had posted my 'Makeup Routine' (which can be found here). Since then some of the products I use have changed, some are the same and some, completely new! 

In this post I will be sharing the products I use on a daily basis and how I apply them! 

After applying my Vivo Primer all over my face, concentrating on my T-zone, I go on to apply foundation. Recently I have been loving the L'Oreal True Match Foundation £9.99, it leaves a natural look/finish to my skin, it's light weight and super blend able, I apply it with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush.
Next I like to conceal underneath my eyes and have been using the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19 for a while now, using it in the colour 'light' helps to brighten under my eyes whilst it conceals. I like to use my finger to blend the product in, as I've found this works best for me.
Finally to set my foundation and concealer in place, I tend to use my Collection Sheer Loose Powder £2.99. I think this works best with oily skin for me and I use this with my Primark Powder Brush.  


Foundation can leave me face looking flat and lifeless, to bring it back to life I like to use bronzer and blush. 

The bronzer I use is the 2True All Over Natural Bronzing Powder £2.29. I simply apply some to the areas of my face that the sun would naturally hit using my Real Techniques Contour Brush.
The blush I use is the Makeup Revolution Blush £1, for only one pound it's so affordable for everyday where, the picture shows the blush in the shade 'Treat' which is a lovely pink/coral shade and I apply it with my Technic Blush Brush. I use a powder blush and bronzer because they work best with oily skin which I have.


I have naturally light eyebrows, so adding colour and defining them is an important part in my everyday makeup for me.
The two products I use for my eyebrows are both from Make Up Academy (MUA) and they are the Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde £1 and the Eyebrow Mascara in Fair £2. I use the pencil to outline the shape of my brows then use the mascara to add the colour and definition. I find that the most important thing when using a pencil, is to keep brushing your brows, for the most natural finish.

Finishing touches: 
To finish my makeup and bring it all together I use mascara and lip balm. My favourite mascara, as it's the only one that I find holds a curl is the Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara in Waterproof £7.99. I always use eyelash curlers before applying as it adds a curl to my lashes and improves the look of them.
The final thing I do is apply a layer of my Carmex Moistrising Lip Balm £2.69 to soothe and moisturise my lips! 

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I hope you liked this post! Do you use any of these products for your everyday makeup?