Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Brush on False Lashes | Review

Today's post is a review on 'LashFibres' brush on false lashes. 
The false lash look is a preferred look for many women but having the time to put them on is time consuming and difficult.
So that's when 'LashFibres' is needed! 'LashFibres' are brush on fibres that instantly give incredible length and amazing volume that can be used with your favourite mascara.

  • To start off the application of 'LashFibres' a coat of your usual mascara needs to be applied to your eyelashes...

  • Then while your mascara is still wet, the lash fibres should be applied whilst looking down into a mirror to prevent the fibres falling into your eyes.

  • Before applying the final coat of your usual mascara, you will need to wait 30 seconds for the fibres to bond to your lashes.

I have noticed that after using 'LashFibres' on my eyelashes, they appear to be thicker and longer giving a false lash appearance.

I didn't here but I usually use eyelash curlers before applying any mascara to my eyes so I have also taken a picture of using 'LashFibres' after curling my lashes.

'LashFibres' can be purchased from Superdrug (£9.95)

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Monday, 1 December 2014

I love... Product | Reviews

Today's post is a product review and I have three products from the brand 'I love...'.

The three products that I have, are the Mango & Papaya refreshing body spritzer (£2.99), Blueberry & smoothie bubble bath & shower creme (£2.99) and the Raspberry & Blackberry super soft hand lotion (£2.99)

Firstly, I find the design on the packaging of these products pretty and girly which is something I really like about the brand.
When using the 'Blueberry & Smoothie' bath and shower creme as a bath product, I found that initially it didn't bubble up very well but after a bit of swishing around the water lots of lovely bubbles were created. The scent of the product is gorgeous just like, blueberries! I wouldn't recommend this to someone who doesn't like sweet scents but for me it was perfect. 
The product left my skin feeling very soft and beautifully scented for a long time after!

When using the 'Mango & Papaya' refreshing body spritzer, I instantly found the scent of this too sweet even though I love sweet scents. Even though the scent isn't my favourite I found that it did last a long time. Personally I think this product might be enjoyed more by a young teenage girl, just starting out with cosmetics and fragrances but can equally be enjoyed by anyone if they love the sweetness of the scent!

The last product is the 'Raspberry & Blackberry' hand lotion. This product also has the sweet scent but one that I really enjoy. The lotion is fairly thick and moisturising and overall, is perfect for keeping in a handbag for when out and about. 

Overall I really liked these products and think they would be a nice gift/stocking filler, as they also come in pre packed, smaller gift size bottles.
The products can be bought from Superdrug.

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