Thursday, 4 February 2016

Makeup for under £5 | W7 Cosmefics

When it comes to makeup, finding a high quality product at an everyday affordable price is something a lot of people want. Today I have four products ( in the picture below) from W7 and the great thing is... They are all under £5!
The product first up is the 'Cheeky Chaps' Multi Blush £4.95*. This blush contains a mix of three shades which when combined create a natural healthy glow on the cheeks, created by the small particles of shimmer that it contains.
This blush is perfect for everyday wear and each colour can be used as a highlight so has multiple uses.

Next up is the 'Lashtasic' Mascara* £4.95. A Black mascara to help create a false lash effect by adding volume and length to lashes.
This mascara is fairly good at holding a curl but is quite wet so is best applied in thin layers that are left to dry between each.

Next up is the 'Making Waves' Eye Colour* £4.95. This is a multi- eye shadow palette that contains 5 colours ranging from light to dark, perfect for creating a soft smokey eye. 

Last but not least is the 'Kiss Me' Plumpling Lip Gloss* £4.95. This is a clear lip gloss, used to create the appearance of fuller lips or can be used over lip stick to add a shine.

These four products are just some of the affordable,  high quality products that W7 Cosmetcis sell! The whole range can be found on their website at...  

W7 are currently updating their website so not every product they sell is listed, this is why two of the products in this post don't have any direct links to the page. Once I am able to add the links to the products, I will be updating this post!

Have you tried any products by W7?

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