Sunday, 3 August 2014

What I got for my birthday | 2014

The other day was my birthday, it was a lovely day and I recieved some lovely presents from friends and family! So I thought I would make a blog post to show you all what I got!
Here I got this lovely Yankee candle, it's in the summer scoop scent and I absolutely love it because it's so sweet and summery! 
Yankee candle- summer scoop
I also got a body butter, body scrub and a body wash by soap and glory which is great because I absolutely love soap & glory products.
Soap and glory products 
I was bought some things that I can keep which are a picture frame and a mug!
Mug with '16' on 
Picture frame with 16 on

A friend bought me some presents which I am so thrilled with, one was a nail vanish by Kelly Brook, I think the colour is so lovely!

Kelly Brook nail varnish
She also bought me some love heart earrings in lots of different colours which are so pretty.
And she also got me a sweetie pie shower jelly from lush and I cannot wait to use this as I have been wanting to buy this product for ages but haven't got round to buying it and it smells fantastic! 
Lush shower jelly in sweetie pie
I did get bought a few other things but these are the main presents I thought I would show, I also got given some money and because I love lush I decided to buy myself some products from there!
Dorothy bubble bar, jungle solid conditioner,
Karma komba solid soap bar and sample of Marilyn 

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  1. Hi Tayla - I have nominated you for The Liebster award - you can find all the information on my blog post here - I nominated you because I love reading your posts and you have some lovely pictures :) - Speak soon Anna aka The Resident Talker

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    1. Thank you for nominating me, I have been nominated by 4 people meaning I might have to choose some questions from each to make up the 11 questions, I hope that is ok?

  3. hope you had a nice birthday! That yankee candle sounds amazing - i've only ever tried the pink dragon fruit and christmas cookie one and they were both incredible x

  4. The candle is beautiful I also have it!
    I nominated you for the liebster award! It would be really fun if you could take part, here are the questions on my blog if you'd like to check them out!
    lots of love meg xo

  5. I also nominated you for a Liebster, for your adorable and awesome blog! You are popular! How awesome!

  6. Hello! I have nominated you for the The Liebster Award !
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  7. your blog is amazing :) I hope you had a nice birthday :)

    xx cecil