Sunday, 15 March 2015

Fudge Urban | Review

Today I have two hair products to review by the brand 'Fudge Urban'. The two products I have are the 'Sea salt Texturising spray' and the 'Powder Styler'.   
The first product I have is the 'Sea Salt Texturising Spray'* £6.99.  This product is a texturising spray which adds volume for a messy texture. This product can be used in two ways either by spritzing into wet or dry hair then leaving to dry naturally or with a diffuser for beachy waves, or spritzing into the roots of dry hair then turning your head upside down and blast with a hair dryer to add volume. 
The first thing I love about this product is the scent, coconut! Which I absolutely love, I have used another sea salt by a different brand before and I didn't like the scent which put me off the product straight away. 
Unfortunately due to me having naturally poker straight hair, this product doesn't work for me to add waves but works great when used on my roots and dried upside down which adds a reasonable amount of volume.
The last product I have is the 'Powder Styler'* £6.99. This product is a fine powder that adds instant texture and control to hair. It's really easy to use, simply by shaking into dry hands or directly onto dry hair before working into the scalp using your finger tips. 

When using this product I found it really easy to apply to my hair, the only problem I really found was that it left a sticky feeling to my hair which although couldn't be seen, it didn't leave my hair feeling very nice however I have had this problem when I tried this kind of product but by a different brand. 
This product added much needed volume to my fine flat hair, it's not something I would want to use on my hair on a daily basis but I would definitely use it for more volume when going to a party or something along that line. 

Fudge Urban products are stocked at Superdrug and the whole range can be found here
You can also find the products and more information on them on the Fudge Urban website. 

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