Friday, 20 March 2015

FaceB4 | Reviews

Today I have two products from the brand 'FaceB4' to review.
FaceB4 is a two step anti-bacterial Face wash and serum which work together to help 'fight the bacteria that causes spots and maintain clear skin'. 
The first part of the two step system is the Anti-Bacterial Face Wash* £14.99. This product is really easy to use, simply by pumping the dual nozzles into your palm to create a foam. Applying to wet skin then massaging in circular motions, leaving for one minute then thoroughly rinsing.

The product is made up of a cleanser and toner which are combined in the foam, meaning washing your face is quicker and I have found, my skin isn't left feeling tight, as other face washes have done in the past. 

The second part of the two step process is the Anti-Bacterial Serum*£9.99. This is used after the Face Wash and is applied to dry skin by pumping a small amount of the product onto fingertips, then gently massaging over your face in upwards motions. 
It says on the packaging to do this regime twice daily and the serum works well as a primer before make up.
Overall I don't tend to get many spots but after using this product the first time before going to bed, when I woke up the next morning any spots I did have the night before had shrunk and were less noticeable.  
I have been using this products for just over 2 weeks and have had a few spots appear in that time but this product clears them up much quicker than before and has generally left my skin feeling cleaner and clearer than it did previously! 

This product is sold at can be found on the FaceB4 website but is also sold at Superdrug and Boots although the Serum is a different price on both compared to the FaceB4 website. 

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