Sunday, 13 March 2016

Small Lush Haul | Lush Cosmetics

I'm a huge fan of the bath products from 'Lush Cosmetics' so today I thought I'd share with you, four bath bombs from their standard range. 
I haven't tried any of these bath bombs before, so this post is a great way to share my first impressions and opinions on the scent and appearance.

'The Experimenter' £3.95:
This is one of the more colourful bath bombs by Lush. It contains four bright sections, which are meant to create a rainbow of colours in the bath. 

With this bath bomb it is quite hard to work out and describe the scent but on the website it says it contains 'Vanilla and Tonka absolute'.
I would though, say that this has an aquired scent and is definitely worth having a sniff of in store before buying.

'Frozen' £3.95:
A bright blue bath bomb, I believe is inspired by the film 'Frozen'.
The bomb contains 'Grapefruit, Rose and Neroli Oil' sounding quite refreshing. 
It gives bath water a blue hue with a fine shimmer, very fitting with its name but should give a nice relaxing bath.

'Avobath' £3.50
This bath bomb has a plain design compared to the other two but has a refreshing lemon scent, that reminds me of sherbet! 
It contains fresh avocado, so is hydrating and its lemon scent is from the Lemongrass oil that it contains.

I think this bath bomb would be great to use in the morning before a busy day because of its uplifting, fresh scent!

That's the end of my Small Lush Haul. I'm planning on posting full indept posts of each of the bath bombs, when I use them, to show how they are whilst in the bath, how they left my skin feeling and giving my overall impression! 

Have you used any of these bombs from Lush? And would you recommend them?


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