Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Slendertoxtea | Review

Recently I took part in another #bhtwitterparty where I was kindly gifted a 14 Day Teatox from Slendertoxtea! Just Incase you missed it, you can find my Slendertoxshake review here that I was gifted at the last event.

I was sent the 14 day Teatox* £13.99 and the 14 day sleeptox* £9.99 to try. 
Slendertoxtea is a detox tea made from natural plants and herbs designed to help you lose weight, improve metabolism and beat the bloat. 

For the Teatox to work you should drink one of the daytox tea bags as near to when you get up as possible, then drink one of the sleeptox tea bags a few hours before you go to bed every other night.

It's really simple to use, simply take a medium sized mug and warm not boiling water, pour in in, add a tea bag then leave for 2-3 minutes to brew.

I have to admit after trying this tea, I'm not really keen on the taste... It isn't unbearable that I can't drink it but certainly isn't something I enjoy the taste of.

Anyhow I will be trying the product over the next two weeks before posting my review of the product so check back for my results!

I have now fully tested the product and can conclude that even though the product has possible side effects of needing to go to the toilet, I luckily didn't experience any side affects apart from a small amount of stomach ache, although it quickly passed. 
Overall this product had reduced my bloating but returned once I finished the teatox, meaning this product isn't a long term fix, unless drank every day. That brings me on to the taste which I didn't enjoy but found it easier to drink by brewing the tea with sweetners and drinking cold.
This is my first ever teatox and I'm not sure whether I would do one again.

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